In these difficult and more austere times, even the most well off business people, workers, self employed or comfortably well off are finding it difficult to navigate the stormy seas of mortgage lending in the UK, Europe and around the world. Cash has always been king and at no other point in history has this been truer than now, mortgage lending is truly a game of chance.

However from time to time mortgage lending allows itself to broadsided and people can get on the property ladders once again but invariably this comes at a cost to the mortgage buyer. Banks have become more strict in their lending despite the banks being the ones to get homeowners in this mess in the first place, with their 110% get on board if you have no money, mortgage lending attitude.

How To Get A Mortgage And Mortgage Lending Criteria

A new era of Mortgage Lending is upon us, well it’s more like the old era of mortgage lending whereby mortgagees have to save deposits or get parental guarantees before the mortgagers will consider mortgage lending for the masses. Confused? You should be but PRINCIPALS is here to offer a guiding hand.

Banks touting mortgage lending and loans proffered were so freely handed out before the recession that even if you couldn’t afford a mortgage or to buy a property, you were given the chance to get on the housing ladder, as expected the cycle came full circle and the system went bust.

Mortgage Lending Calculator And Broker Search Tools

Homes today are still worth three times more than they used to be before the last cycle started, however mortgage lending has all but dried up, leaving home sales stagnated and house prices on the verge of collapse and banks not wishing to loan on principals that may increase over and above the capability of the mortgagees pay packet.

To answer the question of hot to get a mortgage today and what is the mortgage lending criteria, check our brokers section and mortgage calculator for a quick mortgage lending search based on your financial situation. Mortgage lending is more a minefield than it ever was but for a different reason, there’s a 500 mile wall of NO NO NO before you get let in to look around.


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